Photos courtesy of Sgt. Chuck Cummins, USMC
NSGA Bremerhaven 59-62


Recent Photos of Bremerhaven - May 2000

"As you probably know, LessenStraBe and RickermanStraBe were two popular liberty sites in town. That has also changed.

RickermanStraBe still has a couple of bars left on it, but cater to Merchant Marines. LessenStraBe has turned into a little RapperBahn - i.e. Hamburg. I was asked to get a couple of pictures for an old buddy, so went down there around four in the afternoon, believe the date was 26 May. LessenStraBe was vacant, although there were probably 20-30 'working girls' advertising themselves in windows, as we drove through. One can be seen in the photo of the Go-Go Bar.

As I understand it from one German friend, who is also a Captain of a Merchant Ship, the street walkers are a thing of the past, and LessenStraBe is closely administered by Police and Medical supervision as well."

Go-Go Bar
Blauer Engel

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