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"This space is for the posting of reunion news for any Bremerhaven alumni who are planning a reunion of former shipmates who served at NSGA Bremerhaven. I will be happy to post contact, location, date and time information and your reunion photos."

"Ken Cadran of NCVA-NE has written a to help in all phases of planning a reunion. It is an invaluble tool and well worth reading." - Karl

Looking for reunion information for past duty staions or ships?
The Retired Enlisted Association (TREA) is providing the Military Reunion Listings as a FREE service to the veteran community. Go here for details.

Baltimore, MD · 11-12 October 2003.

For more info visit the Alfa Section homepage.

L-R Front Row: Tom Lee · Kirk Raubenstine · Tommy Clifton
Middle Row: Bud Reimer (in plaid) · Tom Hollis · Bob Shomper · Dan Dandreano · Tom Shearer
Back Row: Ken Hoover · Bob Kogutek · John Peterson · Roscoe Lindsey · John Perry · Bill Mowry · Walt Fitzpatrick · Bill Ayars · Larry Steinfeldt · Chris Ward · Al Lepper · Steve Streeter · Carleton Brown
Present, not pictured: Don VanTyne · John Mercurio · Ken "DQ" Freiwald · Gerry Quigley · Bill Howard · Bob McRae · Andy Bristow · Kevin Lee & Mrs. M. Cecile Jennings

Al Lepper

Bill Mowry · Bob Shomper · Chris Ward

Kevin Lee · Andy Bristow

Bob McRae · Kevin Lee · John Mercurio

Chris Ward · Bob "Scooter" Shomper

Don Van Tyne · Kevin Lee

Andy Bristow · Bob McRae · John Perry · Bill Mowry

Bob McRae · Roscoe Lindsey · Gerry Quigley

Tom Hollis · Bob Kogutek

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Pensacola, FL · September 2005

For more info visit the Alfa Section homepage.

Back Row: Mike Bretz · Roscoe Lindsey · John Peterson · Don VanTyne · Bill Lockert · Jimmie Gabbert
Front Row: Tom Hollis · Tommy Clifton · Larry Walston · Bob Kogutek

In front of Admin Bldg at Corry Field.

Friday night barbecue with special guest: Tom Bosworth

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Bellville, Illinois · September 21-23, 2007

For more info visit the Alfa Section homepage.
The reunion will be held in conjunction with the Belleville Oktoberfest and Volksmarch - September 22, 2007 (what a coincidence)

Hdqtrs Hotel:
Four Points by Sheraton
[Click on link to visit their website]
Fairview Heights, IL

Minutes from St. Louis, Scott AFB, and sites of Belleville

Bob Kogutek Jakerjk@aol.com
Tom Hollis thollis@bayou.com

Billy C. · Dan R.

Tom Lane · Tom Hollis · Bob Kogutek

Rudy S. · John P.

Ned · Colonel

Bob Kogutek · Tom S. · Kevin Lee

Tbirds: John Thompson · Johnie Apple · Richard Gutzwiller

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Cincinnati, OH 1980

Photos courtesy of Dennis Wells

Back Row (L-R): Dave Pinson · Dennis "Rocco" Wells · Kenny Dean · Chuck Nontague · Rick Curtis · Bruce Tarkington
Front Row (L-R): Dan Anstine · Dan's Wife · Jan Carver · Montague's Wife · Marsha Curtis · Bev McAnulty · Jimmy Carver
Kneeling Center: Mike McAnulty

Dan Anstine · Dan's Wife · Jan Carver · Kenny Dean · Bev McAnulty · Dennis Wells · Jimmy Carver

Dan's Wife · Jan Carver · Kenny Dean · Bev McAnulty · Dennis Wells

Dennis "Rocco" Wells

Kenny Dean

Kenny Dean · Bev McAnulty · Dennis Wells

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Thompsontown, PA - 18-21 July 2002

The reunion for Bremerhaven Shipmates, 1956-58, was held in Thompsontown, PA, 18 - 21 July 2002. The reunion attendees were members of Charlie Section throughout their Bremerhaven tour.

Attendees: Jerry "Giles" Argo (CTR2, USN 1954-57) and his wife Carol, Tulsa, OK. Jack Bair (CTRC, USN-RET, 1954-1973) and wife Grace, Thompsontown, PA. Robert "Dimp" D'Imperio, (CTRC, USN-RET, 1955-1983), Cape May, NJ. Robert "Marty" Martin, (CTO2, USN, 1954-57), Sun City, AZ. James "Stubber" Wright (CWO4, USN-RET, 1955-1987) and wife Ramona, Huntington, WV. Shipmate Robert "Bob" Tarr (CTTCS, USN-RET) and his wife Susan, Miles, IA, were to have attended but had to cancel at the last minute.

From Jerry Argo: " We are now searching for the following shipmates. They were all members of Section Charlie at one time or another during 1956 - 1957. At this time we have located 34 of the 61 shipmates (16 are deceased) who made up Charlie:

  • Bill Barber
  • R. H. "Bob" Bush
  • Adam "Denny" Chavez
  • Ed Cochran
  • Vernon "Dun" Dunbar
  • M. S. "Max" Harris
  • Bill "Kub" Kubiak
  • Bob "Johnny" Johnson
  • Albert "Woody" Norwood
  • Kenneth Ralph "Reedly" Reed
  • Joe "Baby Joe" Smith(USMC)

Please contact Jerry Argo if you have any information on them.

We are hoping the next Charlie section reunion will be as meaningful as the last. Without exception, we all agreed it was unbelivable how the barrier of 44 years apart, seemed in no way to hinder our reconnecting all over again." - Jerry Argo

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Thompsontown, PA · 17-20 July 2003

We are still using fractured German.

Photo courtesy of Sheila McCarthy Yorks - Juniata Sentinel

1st row: James Wright · Robert D'Imperio · John Cole · Fred Giovannitti · John Bannister · Charles Luby
2nd row: Frank Wilson · Don Price · James Tanner · Jerry Argo · Bill Fiorilli · Marty Ruggiero · Bob Tarr
3rd row: Gene Witherell · Bob Haggerty · Jack Bair
4th row: James Ercole · Morris Ryan · Charlie Hewitt · Paul Neleski · Larry Poppe

Unavailable for newspaper group photo

Tom Paolozzi

Mike Michel

Gary Lehnerz

The Charlie Section reunion that started last year with 5 shipmates, had 24 veterans attending and was every bit as wonderful as expected. Forty-five years, in many ways, holds no barrier for friends who have shared their young lives together in a common cause. Drinking beer????

Jack Bair, retired US Navy, wife Grace, daughter Tamar, and son-in-law Dan Seaman, hosted the reunion at the Seaman's Thompsontown, PA, home. The country setting provided two days to visit, educate every one on individual Navy and private life career's, listen to fine entertainment from a local musical group and enjoy catered meals. Think maybe some beer was consumed in the process, Beck's no less.

Master Chief retirees were not uncommon for this group, as well as one CWO4. Tom Paolozzi, after discharge, took a communication position with NSA and rose to Director of Communication before retiring. James Wright had the honnor of briefing President Bush One before his career ended.

Many shipmates with service times of 10 to 32 years in the Navy, continued their careers with NSA and CIA after returning to the civilian ranks. For those of us who only spent 4 years in the Navy, it was a proud time for us to learn of their duty to our country and to salute the wives, as well, for their great sacrifice raising children and providing a home life as best they could.

We are very grateful for the work Jack, Grace and the Seamans have done to make our reunion such a success. Tam explains their reasons for hosting, "It's just a blessing for me and my husband to be able to open up our home for this reunion, so Dad can get part of his life back. It upsets me that so many people take for granted the sacrifice that these men went through for all of us. This is just a small thing I can do to give back."

There are tentative plans for another reunion to be held in 2004. We are hoping for more attendees, as '58 Charlie has many shipmates yet to be found. '57 Charlie is just about complete with only a few members unable to be located. - Jerry Argo

2 Photos (above) courtesy of Jim Ercole

Photo courtesy of Bob D'Imperio

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Pensacola, FL · 10-15 July 2003

A mini-reunion (informal and unofficial) was recently held in Pensacola, Florida by a group of former Charlie Section T Branchers who served together from 1958 through 1962. Most of those who attended, remained in the Navy, and their paths crossed several times at different duty stations. The one exception, Fred Hartmann, went to work for a defense contractor, Grumman Aircraft, and worked on the Navy A6 (INTRUDER), EA6B (PROWLER) and F14 (TOMCAT) programs. Fred had not seen any of his former friends since 1961. He was welcomed back into the family!

Upon retirement, most Navy members, drifted to different parts of the country, devoted time to starting a new career and tending to the needs of their family. Two members of this group (Steve Drago and Tom Hawkins) vacationed in the Pensacola area, and during their visits, met with several of their fellow Bremerhaven friends for lunch. The idea for a mini-reunion grew out of these visits. The luncheons have now become a monthly affair, open to all former CT's (regardless of service or branch.)

Due to the success of this informal get-together, another event is in the works for next year. Anyone interested can contact the webmaster, who will provide you with the contact information.

Pictures courtesy of Ed Marciniak & Fred Hartmann

Charlie Section ('58 - '62) muster at the "new Odeon".. Brews Brothers, Pensacola, Fl. July 2003
L-R: Mike Varone, Fred Hartmann, Steve Drago, Ed Marciniak, Tom Hawkins, Sam Miller (Delta Section), Denny Knott

L-R: Fred Hartmann, Mike Varone, Steve Drago, Tom Hawkins

L-R: Ed Marciniak, Mike Varone, Steve Drago, Tom Hawkins

L-R: Steve Drago, Fred Hartmann, Mike Varone, Ed Marciniak, Tom Hawkins

Donated Alpha and Bravo Section Beer Steins - NavSecGru Command Display (Crypto Museum) Corry Station, Pensacola. Any/All donations are welcome!!

Naval Aviation Museum, NAS Pensacola. It pictures Fred Hartmann, who worked on the F14 Tomcat project at Grumman, and a retired "Tomcat" mounted at the front entrance.

L-R: Mike Varone, Steve Drago, Fred Hartmann

Sherman Cove Marine, NAS Pensacola 2003
L-R: Steve Drago, Ed Marciniak

On the beach at Gulf Island National Seashore
L-R: Ed Marciniak, Steve Drago, Fred Hartmann

Intercoastal Waterway
L-R: Mike Varone, Tom Hawkins

Calm before the storm, taken at a Gulf beach, near Sherman Cove.

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Bremerhafen,Wesser, Rhine River Patrol Assoc. Reunion
(Also includes COMNAVGER)
Update - 17 August 2006

All: You probably already know that the Bremerhaven/Rhine & Wiser River, etc., reunions will NO LONGER be held. I spoke to Dick Raven yesterday and he told me that the organization was disbanded, the remaining monies were given to the Navy/Marine relief organization. People are just getting too old to travel and host the reunions.

I've always enjoyed the reunions and seeing those I once served with. I have many fond memories. - Chuck Braun [Bremerhaven, NGB radio, 1950-1952]

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Bletchley Park
George Keller (CTM2 65-67 · Bremerhaven)
September 8, 2011

The idea is we all go to London at any time, stay as long as you like, anywhere you choose and we all muster at Bletchley Park on Sep 8, 2011.

I suggest using the Lancaster Gate Hotel. It is easy to get to, only a 10 minute hike from Paddington Station. It used to be the American Military Hotel in London, known as "Douglas House".  Ann and I have been there both as Douglas house and the new hotel, as well under a different name. It is nice, big chow in morning. I have also have experiences with B&B's in London for what it is worth, I can pass along that information to anyone who wants it.

I should know who is going before the first week in August as we are going over by boat and Bletchley needs to know how many to expect.

I would also like to get the group to visit "Zulu Land" (Greenwich) since we all have used GMT all our Navy lives.

I have been to both places and they are great. If anyone is interested just drop me an e-mail: georgenann@aol.com

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