This Reunion Guide was developed as a result of a request from Ed Carey, Naval Cryptologic Veterans Association, New England Chapter (NCVANE) president, to provide an insight to organizing and managing a reunion.

In creating this guide, I used the results of my experience as the Publicity Chairman for the NCVA reunion in August/September 2001 in Danvers, Massachusetts, and as host of the NCVANE reunion in Hyannis, Massachusetts in October 2001.

Additionally, other sources (websites, magazine and newspaper articles, and hotel brochures) were gleaned to obtain some of the thoughts and ideas which are present in this document.

This is a guide. It is not a directive. Readers and those who have experienced being a Reunion Host are free to supplement this document with the benefit of their experience, without referral to this writer.

The purpose of this guide is to assist a member in serving as a Reunion Host.

Ken Cadran
50 Shallow Brook Road
South Yarmouth, MA 02664-4030
July 2002

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