NSGA Bremerhaven, Germany
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BREMERHAVEN UPDATE by Ken Miller CTM1 (1960-64)
NCVA CRYPTOLOG - Fall 2001 Issue

According to the "Nordsee Zeitung" Sonntagsjournal dated 20 May 2001, "Probleme mit dem Carl-Schurz-Gelande" there has been no interest in companies renting the remaining buildings on base and they are being torn down. The old operations building, NCO club, and chow hall were previously leveled and now the buildings and barracks around the quadrangle are being torn down. They even cut down some large, old trees to get access to the buildings. According to the article the only buildings to remain will be the chapel and the snack-bar/theater complex. Officials hope to interest some commercial company in the approximately 120 hectares that would be available for development.

The only military left on base is the Army Transportation Corps who are located in the old AFN building. They have about eight military personnel and ten German employees. They receive support form the military PX and commissary in Holland.

Another harbor expansion is being planned toward Wremen, Container Terminal IV, but according to the "Elbe-Weser" newspaper, Sonnabend, 19 May 2001 edition, a better solution might be to build a container terminal in Cuxhaven. At the present time in addition to some short cruises the harbor is moving over one million vehicles and containers per year. A new road is under construction past the old, "Auto Becker" company and across the base to the harbor. The road is to run from the Autobahn under Cherbourger Str. via a tunnel and directly to the harbor. Planned opening date is 2006.

The hot spot to live is still in Langen, just past the old strassenbahn turn-around, on the way to Cuxhaven and the "Nord Pole". The "Nord Pole" is doing well and Jimmy is still there keeping the customers happy with the riesen currywurst and schnitzels.

The "Quick Imbus" on Rickmer Str. near Frit-Reuter Str. is still open and serving good food. They will celebrate 50 years in business 2002. Down the street, the "Ramelow" department store is gone, replaced by "Domaine", a junky type store with imported goods.

Something I had not noticed before were tractors being driven in Bremerhaven with six KPH signs, meaning they are governed not to exceed that speed. These tractors can legally be driven by persons who have lost their drivers licenses due to drunk driving. They were a real nuisance and some of the drivers seemed to be intoxicated.

Anyone who wants to call me to discuss Bremerhaven, my telephone number is (77) 877-5389. - Ken Miller.

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