NSGA Bremerhaven, Germany
Naval Security Group Activity
Bremerhaven Windjammer- Final Issue - June 30,1972 - Page 2


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NSGA Receives Farewell Messages...

"It is never a pleasant experience for a coach to see the end of a season draw near when he has a winning team in front of him. But seasons do come to a close and can only be relived by consulting the record book. In this, the last edition of the Windjammer, I would like to add these words for the record:
"Over the past 27 years, both your professional and community relations contributions to NAVEUR area have been exemplary. Your high standard of excellence has earned you an enviable reputation both in Europe and at home. As your Commander in Chief, I extend my heartiest well done, and I wish to emphasize that my staff and I stand ready to off any assistance you may require in the regrettable duty of closing NAVSECGRUACT Bremerhaven."
Admiral W.F.Bringle, USN
Commander in Chief, U.S.Naval Forces Europe

"The closing of your command marks the end of an era, an era of which all personnel who have served at NAVSECGRUACT Bremerhaven can be justifiably proud, NAVSECGRUACT Bremerhaven enjoys an excellent reputation within and without the cryptologic community and this could only have been acquired through the efforts of its personnel, both past and present. The selection of the Activity as the Naval Security Group Command's Travis trophy nominee during the competition this year is indicative of the professional excellence and dedication to duty of the personnel assigned. Also noteworthy are the Activity's contributions in the area of community relations, especially vital in today's world. I wish to express my appreciation to al personnel who are currently serving or who have served at NAVSECGRUACT Bremerhaven for a job "Well Done.". Again, thank you for your support and assistance and may each of you always have fair winds and following seas."
Rear Admiral C.G. Phillips, USN
Commander, Naval Security Group Command

"The sad, somewhat unwelcome day of 30 June 1972 marks the end of an era, some 27 years of Naval Security Group tenure in Bremerhaven. throughout the period, mission performance has been characterized by timely dependability with the inherent reliability so necessary for operational decisions by higher authority. This enviable consistent reputation was achieved by all assigned personnel, regardless of rate or billet. Although many of the assigned personnel will be going to other duty stations and some to civilian life, it is heartening to know that, as much of the mission relocation occurs, may of those same professionally dedicated personnel will move with it and sustain the undeniably reputable outstanding performance.
"We salute your predecessors and incumbents at Bremerhaven for a job Well Done, and wish All Hands all the best in their future."
Captain N.W.Craw, USN
Director, Naval Security Group, Europe

Oberburgermeister Selge:
In a recent letter to this activity, Oberburgermeister Bodo Selge, Lord Mayor of Bremerhaven, lauded the fine relationship which has existed over the years between this command and the city's administration and population. Oberburgermeister cited in particular the "understanding, confidence, and friendly association" that has existed and concluded his letter with:
"We owe our thanks to all those who have left Bremerhaven due to general reorganization measures by the U.S. Department of Defense, or who will leave within a short period of time. I sincerely wish them luck and success wherever they will have to take over duties in a new field of operations; and I hope that they, like their predecessors, will hold their time in Bremerhaven as a pleasant memory, as we will also enjoy remembering them."

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