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I have found several places on the internet to get USS Mansfield and NSGA Bremerhaven items. These are businesses I have dealt with and have been satisfied with their products. There are also sites I've found which may be of interest. I do not get any compensation from them, I just liked their products and offer them here for others who may be looking for similar items.

Obviously, I can't guarantee your satisfaction. I can only state that I have been satisfied with their products.

If you have a product that might be appropriate for this page, please let me know.

I would highly recommend a visit to Windjammer Arts. I ordered a color print of the Mansfield and I am very satisfied. You can order from George E.Bieda directly from his web site. Check it out for yourself. You won't be disappointed.

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To: USS Mansfield (DD-728) Reunion Association Members
From: The NAVY YARD Associates

Dear Sir:

We have available a full color custom profile of your ship by the noted naval illustrator John R. Barrett (please see the artist’s sample above). We also have ships as outfitted during other time periods. Please visit our web site for prices, framing options, and other configurations of your ship We hope you and your shipmates will be interested in acquiring this full color print of your ship. If you have any questions or would like additional information please e-mail (John R. Barrett), or (Robert F. Sumrall)

Mailing address only:
The Navy Yard Associates
6009 Newport Lane
Frederick, MD 21701

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Shipmates: If you would like a file to print out address labels, just send me your address info and I'll email you a file you can use for 1" x 2 5/8" - Avery 5160 labels (or equivalent). - Karl [Email: ]

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Richard's Military Gifts specializing in Embroidered U.S. Navy Hats & Garments of out of commission ships. Visit their website or call toll-free 1-877-232-8416. I have ordered a hat, sweatshirt and golf shirt and I'm impressed with the quality and durability of the items. Highly recommended.

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Our Ship's Store sells quality merchandise at reasonable prices. We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express Additional charges apply for all orders mailed outside the United States. Tin Can Sailors Ship's Store.

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Shipmate Don Harrington purchased his ship model from Bad Ship Models.

"The company where I obtained the model is B & D Ship Models. The owner is 'Lou' and he is great and yes, they have the FRAM model of the Sumner class and Lou can get any detail. He is most knowledgeable and helpful. Model length is 47 inches and it is a kit with wood, balsa, plastic, brass etc. all to scale and Lou extends a 10% discount is the buyer served on the ship. It must be his labor of love as the detail and inventory is extensive. The kit cost is about $250 plus some nominal extra for parts. I have spent at least 200 hours on the model and took the summer/fall season off so will get back to it since the weather is cold. I loved every minute of the build up which starts with the hull like the old stick model airplanes and the real kick is when the topside is built up. In my case, I wanted the Korea vintage which included the 40MM prior to the 3inch however the 20MM of WWII were removed and Lou handled it !!!!"

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Mansfield hats are available through the Association for $15 (including shipping and handling). Please specify color (blue or white) when placing your order.

Send orders to:
James E. Tabor
17219 Seven Springs Way
Riverside, CA 92504-9553

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Go here       for USS Mansfield and NSGA Bremerhaven apparel and gift items.

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Navy Emporium Personalized items to commemorate your Navy service on the Mansfield.

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  • Pressure Point
  • Seal Team 1
  • Silent Descent
This is the link if you are interested in Dick's books.

Dick Couch, a 1967 graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy and former platoon commander of SEAL Team One, conducted one of the only successful POW rescues of the Vietnam War. He later served as a maritime operations officer with the CIA. Now living on Bainbridge Island in Puget Sound, Couch is a captain in the Naval Reserve and recently retired from his duties as senior serving reserve SEAL officer. This is his fourth novel.
"I had the priviledge to have been Dick Couch's first commanding officer on the USS Mansfield after he graduated from the Naval Academy in 1967. Dick was one of the great officers and crew who made my two years as Captain of this destroyer the high point of my 44 years of Navy and civilian government piloting service."

"Subsequent to the Mansfield, Dick became a Seal and continued to serve our country extraordinarily as briefly described in the attached description and picture [left] from his fourth novel, Rising Wind. Earlier books by Dick are Seal Team One, Silent Descent and Pressure Point. His exciting adventure yarns are the stuff I can't put down once I start, but I am not alone in my admiration. His books earned the praise of other authors such as Clive Cussler, Sephen Coonts, W.E.B. Griffin, Charles Taylor and the New York Times as well. Now, his message forwarded herewith announces his first excursion into non fiction with the release of "The Warrior Elite". My local Barnes and Nobel and Books A Million do not have it yet, but one of them better have a copy soon, for I can't wait to sit down with it. Even before I do so, I know it will be a barn burner certain to provide an increased insight to the activities and the kind of superb young men we have defending us and our country as they tackle the seemingly impossible missions. I say, go buy it as I will".

Jack Griffin

From Dick Couch:

Yesterday (Halloween!!) was the official release date of my latest book, The Warrior Elite. This is a non-fiction work, my first, and is an inside look at the training of Navy SEALs. It took me close to two years to research and write this book; it was a challenging project, both technically and emotionally. Many of the young men from Class 228 who grace my text are now about to go in harm's way.

This e-mail is a shameless commercial for The Warrior Elite; I hope you will order the book from or from you local bookstore. I welcome any and all comments from you. And I have no doubt that my fellow SEALs who "wore the boat" for that terrible week will not hesitate to point out any errors.

There will be a special, limited edition of The Warrior Elite signed by the three elite SEAL warriors who won the Medal of Honor. The price will be a premium and all proceeds will be donated to the Naval Special Warfare Foundation to support families of deployed SEALs and our Special Combatant Crewmen. Let me know if you are interested.

Please feel free (really, no shame) to share/forward this e-mail as appropriate. Thank you for your interest and support. And each day, take a moment from what ever you are doing and give a thought for those who now stand on guard for all of us.

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Video features USS Mansfield (DD-728), USS Hanson (DD-832), USS Mount Baker (AE-4) operating of the coast of Vietnam in 1966. Includes excellent scenes of ships bombarding the shoreline, underway replenishment, and the crew performing various duties.

Please Note: Video has no narration, it contains a music soundtrack. Color · 30 minutes · VHS · $19.95 + S/H

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BC Patch, LLC

USS Mansfield "Avant Garde"patch available.

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Cold War Military Steins Collector
"I am a collector of cold war period American service steins. If anyone has such steins available I would pay a good price for them." - Ron Fox

Contact info:
Ron Fox
416 Throop Street
N. Babylon, N.Y. 11704
Tel: 631-376-0916

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NavSecGru Patches
"I have created some NavSecGru patches and have made them available on my webpage. I thought that there would be some interest from the (NCVA) membership since I have seen questions asked in the past about obtaining some of these patches." - Larry Skains (former CTR3)

Available patches:

  • Naval Communications Training Center, Pensacola
  • Naval Technical Training Center, Corry Station
  • Naval Security Group Activity, Hakata, Japan
  • Naval Security Group Activity, Kamiseya, Japan
  • Naval Security Group Activity, Misawa, Japan
  • Naval Security Group Activity, Hanza, Okinawa, Japan
  • Naval Security Group Detachment, Pyong Taek, Korea
  • Naval Communication Station, Adak, Alaska
  • Naval Security Group Activity, Adak, Alaska
  • USS Georgetown (AGTR-2)
  • Recruit Training Command, Great Lakes, Illinois

Future patches: NSGA Keflavik, NCS Keflavik, Recruit Training Command Orlando, NSGA Azores, NSGA Kunia, NSGA Sabana Seca, USS Oxford AGTR-1

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Ralph McDonald

This is the link if you are interested in Ralph's book.

Effects of the Magnetic North Pole

You know the story, now read the book. This is a work of fiction by Ralph McDonald, a retired computer geek living in Southern California. He offers this account of two young men, Mark Nobel and Snoopy Richards, who join the Air Force during the height of the Cold War in the late 1950's. Follow this dynamic duo as they endure basic training at San Antonio, radio school at Biloxi and the Russian Language Institute at Monterey Bay prior to their assignment to the 6913th RSM at Bremerhaven, Germany.

Events of the day marked their tour. Rock 'n' Roll was king when the Soviet Union launched Sputnik, PFC Elvis Presley arrived in Germany, the U-2 with pilot Francis Gary Powers was downed, and The Big Bopper, Richie Valens and Buddy Holly died in an Iowa plane crash. Against this background, Mark falls in love with a beautiful Bremerhaven fraulein, Gabbi, and risks loosing his security clearance in a struggle to balance his heart with his sense of duty and responsibility.

So, check the sofa for all the loose change you can dig up, you need $12.95, and then click on the link (left) to publisher's website and order this must have book.

In God we trust, all others we monitor!

Ralph McDonald

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Written by RM2 Edgar DeLong, NAB/CommUnit 8, 1950-51

Navy Mustang: From Seaman to Officer, a Quarter Century in the United States Navy


When fifteen-year-old Edgar DeLong convinced his family to let him join the United States Navy in 1944, he didn't know what his future would bring. In Navy Mustang, DeLong details what his adventure-filled life is like from the day he enlists to when he retires twenty-six years later, including earning the designation of United States Navy Mustang.

DeLong describes his experiences in the World War II battles of Iwo Jima and Okinawa. He gives a first-person account of the Bikini atomic bomb tests and never-before-revealed stories about the bomb. He tells of his travels throughout the world, including how young Germans received an American sailor riding a bike down the Rhine, why you should learn to play chess if you want to meet people from all over the world without having to speak their language, and what it was like to hang out with the priests from the Vatican during the reign of Pope Pius XII.

Loaded with photographs and detailed dates, DeLong shows the pros and cons of what it was like to live as a sailor and an officer during the last quarter of the twentieth century.


Edgar E. DeLong served twenty-six years in the United States Navy, beginning his career as an enlisted man and retiring as a lieutenant commander. He is a freelance writer and volunteer. DeLong and his wife, Ruth, live in Virginia Beach, Virginia.



"You may want to pass this on to other Bremerhaven folks. I have included about 50 pages concerning that bicycle trip down the Rhine from Bhvn to Zurich and lots more about the old town and NAB. Book is selling well." - Ed DeLong, 26 March 2008.

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Rüdiger Ritter: Vorort von New York? Die Amerikaner in Bremerhaven.

Ergebnisse einer Studie am Museum der 50er Jahre Bremerhaven,
Bremerhaven: NW-Verlag, 2010,
372 Seiten, über 100 Abb.
ISBN: 978-3-89509-929-7

Von 1945 bis 1994 war Bremerhaven Stationierungsort US-amerikanischer Truppen und hatte bis Ende der 1960er Jahre eine herausgehobene Stellung als Port of Embarkation (Einschiffungshafen). Die für den Dienst in Europa bestimmten US-Soldaten kamen hier an und fuhren auch von hier wieder ab. Bremerhaven behielt seine Bedeutung auch nach den 70er Jahren, als die Soldaten zwar nicht mehr mit dem Schiff, sondern mit dem Flugzeug transportiert wurden, der Hafen aber dennoch ein zentraler Umschlagplatz für Güter der US-Streitkräfte blieb. Das Buch betritt wissenschaftliches Neuland, weil es bislang noch keine umfassende Untersuchung über diesen Teilabschnitt der Stadtgeschichte gibt. Umfassend und ausführlich werden alle Lebens und Arbeitsbereiche beleuchtet, die sich für US-Amerikaner wie für Deutsche durch die US-Stationierung ergeben haben. Grundlage bilden die Ergebnisse eines Forschungsprojektes des Museums der 50er Jahre Bremerhaven.

Urteile zum Buch:

"Es gibt bisher keine vergleichbare Arbeit, was die Breite der in ihrer lokalen Interaktion untersuchten Aspekte des Themas betrifft." - Prof. Dr. Kaspar Maase, Universität Tübingen

"Ausgehend von der Eigenwahrnehmung der Stadt als "„Vorort New Yorks", die als identitätsstiftender Mythos interpretiert wird, fragt die Studie nach Zustandekommen und Funktion dieses Mythos als Mechanismus der Vergangenheitsverdrängung. Damit leistet sie neben einem stadthistorischen auch einen wichtigen Beitrag zur Entwicklungsgeschichte der frühen Bundesrepublik Deutschland.""“ - Prof. Dr. Anke Ortlepp, Universität München

"… die ausgezeichnete Bildauswahl, die weit über die übliche Illustration eines Textes hinausweist." - Prof. Dr. Axel Schildt, Universität Hamburg

Product details: [Translation courtesy of Ursula Braun]

Title: Vorort von New York? Die Amerikaner in Bremerhaven. - (Suburb of New York?) The Americans in Bremerhaven.
Results of a study presented at the museum of the 50's in Bremerhaven

Publisher: NE-Verlag, Buergermeister-Smidt-Str. 74-76, 27568 Bremerhaven
Language: German
Hardcover: 16x23,5 cm - 340 pages, over 100 photos.

ISBN: 978-3-89509-929-7

Price: 24,80€ plus shipping and handling.

From 1945 to 1994 Bremerhaven was a base to US-troops and until the end of 1960 had a prominent position as port of embarkation. US troops designated for the service in Europe, arrived here and left from here. Bremerhaven retained its importance even after the 70's, when the soldiers were not transported by ship anymore, but by planes. Even then Bremerhaven remained a central port of reshipment and transhipment of American goods. The book enters new territory, because as yet no comprehensive study about this aera of the city's history has been published. Comprehensive and in detail study of all living and working conditions are looked into, and how both the Americans and Germans were effected from the U.S. deployment. The basis is the results of a research project of the Museum of the 50s in Bremerhaven.

Editorial reviews:

"There is no comparable work, which investigated the width of the local interaction with the aspects of the subject concerned." - Prof. Dr. Kaspar Maase, University of Tuebingen

"Based on the self-perception of the city as "Suburb of New York", this study questions the origin and function of this myth even as a mechanism to suppress the wartime past. In addition to the history of the city, the book features an important contribution to the development and history of the early Federal Republic of Germany." - Prof. Dr. Anke Ortlepp, University of Munich

"The excellent selection of images extends far beyond the usual illustration of a text." - Prof. Dr. Axel Schildt, University of Hamburg

You can purchase book here: Shipping charges are: Surface mail: € 11.00 - Air Mail: € 13.00 - Visa and American Express cards accepted. I-Ban # DE 692925 0000000 2108070 - BIC # BRLADE 21 BRSD

The book is also available from or you can email Mr. Ritter directly here:

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