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Dave Maberry CTM2 TTY Shop (61-63) Email
Pete MacDonald CTT2 A & C (58-60) R.I.P.
Jock MacKenzie SSgt Co.B (60-62) R.I.P.
Tom Mackey CTA2 Ops/Admin (61-64) Email
Don MacLagan CTR2 B (57-59) Email
John Mann CTT2 C (62-64) Email
Russ Mann CTT3 C (63-65) Email
Ed Marciniak CTT2 C (58-61) Email
Doug Marlitt CTM2 A (69-71) Email
Edward L. Marlow CTT2 D (69-71) Email
Jim Marmas CTRSN C (59-61) R.I.P.
John Marrin CTM2 D (65-67) Email
Bob "Marty" Martin CT2 C (56-57) Email
Kenn (Mickey) Martin CTR2 * (59-61) Email
Merle B. Massie PH2 USNAB-Admin (50-52) Email
Otto "Jack" Masters CTT2 C (62-64) Email
Mick Mawn CTR2 A (56-58) Email
Calvin A. May CTT2 D (63-64) Email
Will Gray May, Jr. CTT2 B (71-72) Email
Herb Maynard CT1 Baker (52-54) Email
Darrell Mayne CTT2 Todendorf/SpecProj (69-71) Email
John McAlpin CTM2 Com/MatShop (65-67) Email
Jim McClelland Sgt Co.F-D (66-68) Email
Charlie McCoubrey CTT2 C (70-71) Email
Mike McCrackin CTRSN TAD/C (69-69) Email
Jack McCutcheon CTTC A/R&D Supvsr (68-71) R.I.P.
Tom McDermott CTT2 A (59-61) Email
Jim McElfish CTR2 A (71-72) Email
James McGilvray CT2 B/C (56-58) Email
Ed McGrath LCDR XO (69-72) Email
Floyd (Mac) McGuirt CTM2 MatShop (59-61) Email
Frank McInturff CTR2 * (70-72) Email
Mike McManus CTT1 C (67-69) R.I.P.
Bill "Mac" McNutt, Jr. CTR3 B-Shift (53-54) R.I.P.
Bob McRae CTR2 B (70-72) Email
George Medzerian CTR2 * (70-72) Email
John "Frenchie" Melancon CT2 D (60-62) Email
Rick Mellott CTRSN B (70-72) Email
Elton Menard CTM2 B (67-69) Email
John P. Mercurio CTR3 A (70-72) Email
Rick Mesiano CTT3 C (60-62) Email
Mac Metheny CTTC TAD (71-71) Email
Richard Metzger CTM3 MatShop (63-65) Email
Dick Millard CTRSA Admin (66-66) Email
Ken Miller CTM1 MatShop (60-64) Email
Marion Miller CTT2 D (68-70) Email
Parke Miller CTR3 C (67-68) Email
Robert Paul Miller CTR3 B (69-70) Email
Don Millhorn CTC MatShop (51-53) R.I.P.
Dennon Mills CTT1 * (64-67) Email
Adam J. Milwicz CTR2 C (59-62) R.I.P.
"Dean" Biclie Leon Minter Jr. CTT1 B (69-72) Email
James L. Minteer LCpl B (58-61) Email
(2nd Tour) SSgt D/C/B (68-72) Email
Jack Mirabelli CTO2 Comm (62-64) Email
Robert A. Mistishen CTR2 * (66-67) Email
Clifford Mitchell CTR3 D (62-64) Email
Gale Monda LCpl B (59-61) Email
Dick Montgomery CTT3/CTM2 B/MatShop (64-67) Email
John Montgomery CTR2 A (70-72) Email
Joe Moody CTT2 A/D (62-64) Email
Brad Moorby CT2 A/D (61-64) R.I.P.
Clifford Moore CTT3 B (67-69) Email
Michael Moore Sgt D (67-70) Email
Paul Moore CTRSN Training/X-Div (64-64) Email
Robert Moore CTCS DayWkr/NonMorse Chief (59-62) R.I.P.
Walter Moquin CTA1 Admin/Ops (66-68) Email
Ken Morlock CTR2 B/P&R (55-57) Email
James Moses CTRC DayWkr (55-57) Email
Thomas Mosher CTR3 D (57-60) Email
(2nd Tour) CTRCS * (70-74) Email
Charles R. "Bob" Moss CTT2 A (59-62) Email
Mike Moss CTO2 * (68-70) Email
Lewis Mowrey CTT1 B-D/R&D (57-60) Email
Bill Mowry CTT3 (70-72) Email
John Muckler CT1 Ops (55-56) Email
Jim Muldoon CTR3 D (55-59) Email
Vincent "Murph" Murphy CTT3 B (70-71) Email
Ernest Murray CTA3 Admin (65-67) Email
Tom Murray CTR3 B (65-66) Email
Charles H. Myers CTT1 R&D (59-61) Email
Jack Myers CTM2 R&D (57-59) Email
Steven C. Myers LT D-OWO/R&D-MM (70-72) Email
Thomas J.(T.J.) Myers CTM1 MatShop (58-59) Email
W.P. "Bill" Myerson CTSN C (59-60) R.I.P.
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George Nash CTRCS LeadingChief P&R (68-71) Email
Bob Neal CTRSN * (58-59) Email
(2nd Tour) CTR2 B (60-62) Email
Jerry Nelms CTT3 D (66-69) Email
Ron Nelson CTR3 A (64-66) R.I.P.
Richard Nettle LCPL D (59-61) Email
Gordon Neubauer CTM2 A (71-72) Email
Ron Neuman CTTC B-D/DayWkr (67-70) Email
Mike Nevins CTR3 C (58-60) Email
James B. "Nick" Nixon YN2 SpecialServices (67-68) R.I.P.
Jim Nixon CTRSN D (67-68) Email
Gus Norton CTR3 Farm (64-64) Email
Joe Novak CTAC Ops-Admin (58-60) R.I.P.
Tony Novak SK2 Logistics (61-62) Email
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Joe Oblinger CTOC ComChief (63-65) R.I.P.
Bart O'Connor CTT3 D (65-67) Email
Bob Oftedal CTSN Training (64-64) Email
Tom Oneal CTTC DayWkr (71-72) Email
Rick "Oz" Osborn CTRSN A (70-72) Email
James Osmer CAPT CO (68-71) R.I.P.
Joe "Otto" Ottinger CTR3 B (71-72) Email
Dewey B. Overman, II CTT3 C/D (61-63) Email
Ed Owens CTRSN * (66-67) Email
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Jim Pace CTR3 B (66-67) Email
Robert Pace CTM2 MatShop (55-57) R.I.P.
Lloyd Painter LT W&R Off (68-69) Email
David G. Palmer CTRSN A (57-59) Email
Harris Parkman Cpl MPCU (60-62) Email
James H. Pearce CTTCS DayWkr/DivOpsChief (69-72) R.I.P.
Larry Pearce CTR3 A (69-71) Email
Rick Pendergast CTT3 C (70-72) Email
Don Peppard CTA3 Mailroom (57-59) Email
Mike Perkins CTR3 A (68-70) Email
Frank Perrault CTR2 P&R/A/C (60-64) Email
Bill Perry CTR3 C (65-67) Email
Charles R. Perry YN2 Admin (64-67) Email
John Perry CTT2 A (70-72) Email
Richard Perry CTTSN C (61-62) Email
Tom Perry CTT2 D (62-64) Email
Lynn W. Peters CTM2 MatShop/R&D (67-68) Email
John Peterson CTT2 A (70-72) Email
James E. Phelan, Jr. Sgt D-Co.F (69-71) Email
Dave Phillips CTM1 MatShop (55-58) Email
Gordon D. Phipps CTRSN HFDF (66-66) Email
James W. Pillon CTR1 B (59-62) Email
Dave Pinson CTR2 C (68-70) Email
Don Pitale CTM3 MatShop (62-64) Email
Wayne Pogany CTRSN C (66-67) Email
Jim Polley CTM2 MatShop (65-67) Email
Don Pollock CTA2 Mailroom/TAD (59-61) Email
Robert Poole CTRSN D (60-60) Email
Robert Pope CTM2 MatShop (59-61) Email
Michael Popovich CTM2 MatShop (63-66) Email
Larry Porter CTM1 B (68-71) Email
Rod Powell CTR2 D/P&R (67-70) Email
Bernie Powers CTO2 C (54-56) Email
Jerry "Prez" Pressnell CTT3 B (70-72) Email
Bob Proctor CTO2 C (55-57) Email
Tim Proctor CTT2 D (70-72) Email
Mike Purtymun CTM2 R&D (68-70) Email
Charles "Chuck" Putterbaugh CTR2 B (53-55) Email
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Gerry Quigley CTR1 P&R (69-72) R.I.P.
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Harry Rakfeldt CTI1 DayWkr (62-63) Email
Peter Ralph CTSA D (58-58) Email
Don Ratliff CTRSN A (59-59) Email
Kirk Raubenstine CTRSN A (71-72) Email
Chuck Rauscher CTRC P&R (69-70) Email
Richard Ray CTR2 D (70-72) Email
Jim Reed CTR3 B (65-66) Email
Lynn Reed CTT3 C (71-72) Email
William Reed CTT3 D (66-68) Email
Dennis W. Reffner CTT2 A (71-72) Email
Jim "Fuzzy" Reid CTT3 A (70-72) Email
Dan Reis CTR3 A (70-72) Email
Harry Reisinger CT3 Able (57-59) Email
Bill Remsing CTR1 C (68-69) Email
Charles O. Reynolds YN2 Admin (69-71) Email
Dusty Rhodes CTAC AdminChief (64-68) Email
Owen "Gene" Richards CTT2 B (65-68) Email
Ron Richter CWO3 XO (69-73) Email
J. L. Riddell CT2 C (57-59) Email
Michael P. Riley CTT2 B (68-71) Email
Phil Rinehart CTSN D (66-68) Email
Michael Ringeisen CTT3 B (70-72) Email
Conrad Rippe CT2 T/A (54-55) Email
Donald L. Risinger CTR2 R/T Op (55-58) Email
Bob Rittgers CTR2 Baker (54-56) Email
Wally Roberts Sgt Co.F (66-67) Email
Jesse Robinson CTT2 A (56-58) Email
Louis Robman CTA3 OpsDayWkr (68-69) Email
Glenn B. Rogers CTT3 B (70-72) Email
James W. Rogers CTO2 * (54-55) Email
Benjamin C. Roman CTM2 * (71-72) Email
Jerry Ronish CT2 B (65-67) Email
James F Rooney CTT3 Todendorf/SpecProj (66-68) Email
Serio "Syl" Rossi CTM1 D (68-72) Email
Tom Rowley CTR2 A-B (68-71) Email
Daniel Rubio Cpl * (58-61) Email
William J. Russell CTT2 D (68-69) Email
Allen Rutter CTT3 B (68-69) Email
James E. "Edd" Ryan LT/OWO C (67-70) Email
Morris Ryan CTR3 C (56-58) Email
Ted Ryback CTT3 C (63-65) Email
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Gordon Sahnow CTO3 A (56-59) R.I.P.
James W. "Sam" Sampson CTT1 A (69-71) Email
Anthony J. "Tony" Sanchez III SSgt D (66-69) Email
Al Sandusky CTRSN C (66-66) Email
Edwin S. Sarrach CTT2 A (70-72) Email
Tom Sawyer CTT2 B/C (67-69) Email
Bob Scarborough CTR3 C (67-69) Email
Larry Schaffer LDO Ensign AsstRadioPrntOff (68-71) Email
George Schneider CTT2 B (67-69) Email
Weston F. Scriba CTR1 C (69-72) Email
James Schroeder CTR3 A (70-72) Email
Gary W. Seals CTR1 HFDF (70-72) Email
John J. Seely CTA1 DayWkr (71-72) Email
Fred Senne CTM3 A (66-67) Email
Jerry D. Sevier CTM2 MatShop (70-71) Email
Graham Sexton CTT3 D (70-72) Email
John D. Shearer CTI2 DayWrkr (60-62) Email
Tom Shearer CTR3 B/P&R (70-72) Email
Jake Sheerin Civilian Technician (68-71) Email
Jack Shields CTT3 D (65-66) Email
David A. Sholes CTO1 CommCtr (55-57) Email
Robert S."Scooter" Shomper CTTSN A (70-72) Email
Jack Siedler CTR3 A (58-59) Email
Al Sigman CT1 T/A (57-59) Email
Steve Simons CTR3 * (65-67) Email
Bud Simpson CTT1 D (57-59) Email
Phil Sirmons CTR1 * (56-58) Email
Harold Eugene (Gene) Six CTRSN B'hvn/Todendorf (65-65) Email
Ed Sloan CTA2 DayWkr/Admin (68-70) Email
Charles H. Smith CTM2 MatShop/R&D (55-56) Email
Gary L. Smith CTO2 CommCtr (59-62) Email
Robert L. Smith CTI1 DayWkr (64-67) Email
Wilmer D. Smith CTTC C (65-68) Email
Sid Sneidar CTM1 MatShop (54-56) Email
Richard Sorensen CTTC R&D (67-70) Email
Ralph S.(Steve) Sparger CT1 Todendorf (58-62) R.I.P.
Tony Spatafore CTRC C (66-68) Email
Richard David (Dave) Spencer CTRSN C (71-72) Email
Daniel Spiegel CT2 Ops (53-55) Email
Rick Spring CTR3 DF (64-65) Email
Tom Stanforth CTSN * (65-65) Email
John E. Starling CTR3 A-C (60-63) Email
Wally Stein CTTC C-D (68-71) Email
Larry Steinfeldt CTT1 A (69-72) Email
Doug Stenzel CTR3 D (58-58) Email
John P. Sterle CTT1 C (68-71) Email
Larry Stevens CTA2 DayWkr (60-62) R.I.P.
Jerry Steward CTT3 R&D (63-64) R.I.P.
C.E. "Bud" Stillwaggon CT1 C-D (56-59) Email
Carl Stork CTRSN C (67-68) Email
John Strawser CTT3 D (70-71) Email
Ron Streed CTR2 A/B (64-67) Email
Stephen Streeter Cpl Co.F (70-72) Email
Doug Sturk CTR3 C (66-69) Email
L.D. "Sully" Sullivan CTT2 C (67-68) Email
Noell Suter CTM3 MatShop (63-65) Email
Terry L. Swann CTR2 A (70-72) Email
Dick Swanson Cpl B (59-62) Email
William J. Swartout CTOC Todendorf/CommChief (71-73) R.I.P.
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Robert Tarr CTSN C/DayWkr (56-58) Email
Chuck Taylor CTRSN Training (63-63) Email
Philetus R. Teachout CTI3 DayWkr (59-60) Email
Robert Thomas CTR2 C (69-72) Email
Patrick L. Thompson CTT3 B (70-72) Email
Robert Thompson CTR2 B (66-68) Email
Jerry Throgmorton CTT3 B (56-58) Email
George Tibbetts CTR2 A (58-60) Email
Alfred D. Tipsword CTM2 MatShop/A (58-60) Email
Ed Tobin CTT3 C (58-60) Email
Ray Tracy Cpl D/A (60-63) Email
Arlen Trapp USAF 6913th RSM (55-62) Email
Arlyn "Trainwreck" Trauernicht CTRSN Training (67-67) Email
Alfred Trotta CTM3 MatShop (66-69) Email
Robert R. Trovato CTR3 C (57-59) Email
Bill Trusky CTR3 B (65-67) Email
Charlie Turner CTT3 B/DayWkr (66-68) Email
John W. Turner CTT1 D (68-72) Email
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Marion "Val" Valentine CTT2 * (60-62) Email
Sam Vallance CTR1 B (65-68) Email
Larry G. Vander Schaaff CTR3 B (70-72) Email
Robert J. Van Horn, Jr. CT3 B/D (59-61) Email
Don "Ned" VanTyne CTR3 A (70-72) Email
Mike "Pepe" Varone CTT3 C (59-60) Email
Fred Veck CTR2 * (69-71) Email
Richard Vernot CTRSN Training (66-66) Email
Wally Voigt CTT1 DayWkr (66-67) R.I.P.
Bob von Rekowsky CTR3 Able (53-56) Email
Lee Vorhies CTT2 C (57-59) Email
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Al Walker CTR2 B (69-70) Email
Art Walker CTM3 C (58-59) Email
John Wallace LT ComOff (66-67) Email
David Walp CTM2 C (69-72) Email
Larry Walston CTR2 A (70-72) Email
Roger Wankel CTO2 A (67-69) Email
Chris Ward CTTSN A (71-72) Email
Tom Ward CTR2 A (69-71) Email
Garrett "Red" Wasson CTT1 C (69-72) Email
Clyde Way CTT3 C (67-70) Email
Russell Weakley CTM2 MatShop (71-72) Email
David E. Webb CTR1 * (70-72) Email
Ed Webb CTT3 Todendorf (63-64) Email
Chuck Weeks Sgt D-Co.F (66-68) Email
Ken Weeks Sgt * (59-62) Email
Bob Weimer CTT2 C (59-62) R.I.P.
Greg "Rabbit" Welch CTT1 D-NMSD (69-71) Email
Dennis Wells CTRSN C (70-72) Email
Vern Wells CTT3 A (68-70) Email
Walter E. Welton CTO2 B (58-61) Email
Gary Westfall CTT1 B (66-68) Email
Stan W. White CTMCM ElecDeptChief (70-72) Email
John Wigert CTRSN Training (66-66) Email
Denney Wilcox CTT1 B (64-67) R.I.P.
Gary Wilhelm CTT1 C (69-71) Email
Clifford R. "Willie" Williams CTT2 B (69-71) Email
James "Willie" Williams CTRSN C (67-68) Email
Mike Williams CTM1 MatShop (67-69) Email
Philip Wilson CTR3 Baker (54-56) Email
Richard D. Wilson CTO1 D (61-63) Email
Richard Wilt CTT3 B (56-57) Email
John F. Winkelman CTR3 D (67-68) Email
Raymond (Ray) Winson CTR2 C (67-70) Email
Kenneth Wise SK2 NAB (50-53) Email
2nd Tour SK1 NAB (55-57) Email
Dan Wood CTR3 D (67-69) Email
Richard A. Wood CTM2 MatShop (69-70) Email
Tim Woodward CTR3 B (68-68) Email
Roger "Dooley" Workman CTI2 A (59-62) Email
Terry "Spoon" Wotherspoon CTRSN B (66-66) Email
Steve Wright CTT2 C (68-70) Email
Jim H. Wright CTR2 OPS1/C (56-58) Email
Wilbur Wright CTT? * (70-72) Email
Anita M. (Hitchings) Wyman CTA2 Personnel (61-63) Email
Robert J. Wyman DK2 ArmyFinance (60-62) Email
Ed Wynn CTO3 * (54-54) Email
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Ted Yadlowsky CTT3 A (67-68) Email
Stanley M. Yarrow CTM1 R&D (65-67) Email
Doug Yenzer CTR2 C (68-70) Email
Carl Young CTRSN C (66-66) Email
Charles Young CTR2 D (67-69) Email
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Rick Zablocki CTT1 * (66-70) Email
Walter D. Ziriax CTR1 D (68-71) Email
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