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Thank you to the people and organizations represented below.
Each award is a link to the presenter's site (if active). Please visit them.

Horus Award Spirit of Ships Award

SgtHatAward USS NewportNews Award

Tanks AwardSentry AwardMommies

CyberSgtAwardCTroop11thCavAwardK9Award Website LinkAngrySkipper Website LinkSoaring Eagles Website Link

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If your site:

KK-Award 120x153 7.9kb

Then congratulations, you qualify for the Thumbs-Up Site Award. Please e-mail me your URL so I can check out your page. I'll let you know if you get the award.

Please feel free to use any of my POW/MIA graphics. They include the POW/USA flag animation on my main page, my POW/MIA stamp email animation, the POW/Sunset and hourglass graphics, and any of the link buttons I use on my Veterans Links page. When you download the graphics please save the images to your computer and upload it to your ISP server. DO NOT link it back to my server.

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