Photos courtesy of MM2 George Shattuck 1960-63

DD7-728-#1 "This is a picture of the Mansfield tied up to the dock at Everett, WA on 1 July 1961. We had just come out of Long Beach after completing Fram Mark 5. This was our second cruise. The first was a dependent cruise. We were delayed on the way up with fuel oil in the DA tank. As far as I know, no one ever figured out how it got there. We lost the load in the outer harbor before we could get to the dock, which raised a few eyebrows on the bridge. I think I remember the 'electrocutions' goofed up when switching the electrical load from #1 to #2 turbo. That's me standing on the dock when I was an MMFN."
Me with my uncle Victor Shattuck from Tacoma, WA who was ex-Navy.
Standing on the dock just aft of Mount 52. The officer might be Lt. Cramer.
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