USS Mansfield DD-728
20th Anniversary
Photos Courtesy of
Robert Rodenberger 63-66

Bob states, "I will only mention the sailors I know by name for sure." ,
As with all Photo Locker pages, we depend on you to help us with corrections and additional information. Thanks, Karl

20th Anniversay Mansfield's Commission
April 14, 1944 - April 14, 1964
20th Party
Capt Johnson introducing oldest and newest sailors
20th Party
Captain Johnson SK1 Holman-ETSN Abe
20th Party
Officer's Table 2nd rt. Lt.JK Batchellor
Officer's Table
Captain Johnson on right, talking with lady

The Band
The entertainment was the all-girl band from Yokohoma
called The Gay Little Hearts.(Thanks to Nathan Good for ID)
Whatever the name, they were really terrific!

On the Town
Bob Rodenberger-SMSN Bill Moore-SM3 Lewis


Underway 2
Another shot underway

Drydock 64
Drydock, Yokosuka ealy ' 64

Shellback Certificate
Shellback Certificate - Something to be proud of.

How good was the Mansfield in Vietnam? Read a message from CINCPACFLT dated December 5, 1965 reporting gunfire action here .

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