Photos courtesy of Greg Bollman

DD728 S.F.
As best Greg can remember, "Mansfield entering San Fran, CA prior to our last WestPac. I don't know the date for sure because we had made a couple trips north. We went to Seattle for the Seafair, to Portland for the Rose Festival and to Eureka, CA for the Rhododendron Festival, any of which we could have stopped in San Francisco. We had to man the rail for the photos, because they sold them to the crew."

DD728 Shipmates
Do you know who these guys are?
If you do, let us know.

DD728 Underway 69
"These were taken Sept, 1969. I believe we
DD728 Underway 69
were on this side of Hawaii going to WestPac."

Liberty call in Thailand
Liberty call, Bangkok, Thailand
After a shoot
Lots of empties after a shoot.
Underway, once again.
M. Fetty
Ship's barber, Michael Fetty
Shooting mission.
Victory at Sea
Just like Victory at Sea!

Docked at Midway
Berthed at Midway Island

Fantail Cookout - Cruise Book Photos

XO LCDR Raymond Hart with back to us.
Gorden Hauser, cook.

Richard Turkenkopf, cook.
D. Sheridan
LTJG Dick Sheridan
Larry Shackelford & Mike Fetty
G. Singleton
Gary Singleton

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