The NCVA-New England held its semi annual mini reunion over the weekend of 12-14 October 2012 at the Schoodic Education and Research Center (SERC) in Acadia National Park at Winter Harbor, Maine. This was the location of the U.S. Naval Security Group Activity, Winter Harbor, from 1935 to 2002. The event was hosted by Larry and Phyllis Peterson and there were fifty five people from nine states in attendance.

The weekend included a variety of activities, including business meetings of the membership and auxiliary; a walking tour of SERC conducted by its President and CEO, Mike Soukup; “Show and Tell” opportunities for those who brought NSGA Winter Harbor memorabilia; an audio/video recording of Navy oral history interviews; a hospitality room at what used to be the old Schooner Club, now named Schooner Commons; meals; cocktail hours on Friday and Saturday evenings; and the event culminated in a ceremony and banquet celebrating the 237th birthday of the United States Navy. Guests of honor at the Navy Birthday Ceremony were General and Mrs. John R. Deane, Jr., United States Army (Retired).

The Navy Birthday Celebration Ceremony included the following:

Attendees were housed in condos that once served the base as Navy Housing units and all meals were prepared and served in Schooner Commons.

The NCVA-NE Auxiliary donated 150 pounds of food and $250 in cash to a local food pantry.

List of Attendees:

Alfreda Bacon & Daughter & Son-in-law - ME · Kent & Janet Beach - MA · Dan & Joyce Bierman – ME · Michelle Bierman (SERC Director of Opns) · Bob & Linda Bostinto – PA · Ron & Marsha Boyd - ME · Ed & Barbara Brown – NH · Neil & Jan Buffett · Ed & Dorothy Carey – NH · Tom & Carol Christie – ME · Dennis & Luann Corkins – ME · Alan & Deb Coutinho – MA · General & Mrs. Deane - ME · Carmine De-Biasio – RI · Fred Detheridge - ME · Jim & Nancy Dougherty – CT · Art & Suzie Gowie - ME · Walt Green – MA · Lincoln Grimm - NY · John & Mary Ann Hogan – NH · John & Pinky Ivacic - NJ · George & Ann Keller – NY · Charles & Elaine Martin – NC · Ray & Carol McManus - MA · Joe & Melodie Novak – NJ · Larry & Phyllis Peterson – ME · Dave & Neta Phaneuf – ME · Bob & Anne Marie Pohlman – NJ · Jasper Sheehan (SERC Navy Oral History) · James Smith & Terry Stephens – MN · Leola Trombley - ME

This is part of a table tent Larry Peterson designed as place settings for each person who attended the Navy Birthday Ceremony. It was a 5x7 card that literally folded like a tent. Facing each person was the First Navy Jack and on the opposite side was the explanation of the First Navy Jack. Inside the tent, on opposite sides, were the NCVA-NE Logo with dates of the mini reunion and a small picture of a sea battle from the War of 1812, and on the opposite side the lyrics to "Anchors Away".

Photos courtesy of Larry Peterson & Ray McManus

The Navy’s 237th Birthday Cake and the Reserved place setting for the Two Bell Ceremony.

Navy Birthday Cake.

The Two Bell Ceremony reserved place setting.

Ed Carey, New Hampshire, rings the Ship’s Bell during the Two Bell Ceremony.

Art Gowie recites the Two Bell Ceremony, while President and Mrs. Kent Beach look on.

Mini Reunion host, Larry Peterson, opens
the Navy Birthday Ceremony.

Carmine De-Biasio, the NCVA-NE’s oldest member, prepares to slice the Navy Birthday Cake, while our youngest member, Fred Detheridge, looks on aprehensively.

After having successfully sliced a piece of cake (with shipmate Dave Phaneuf’s sword), Carmine De-Biasio literally hands it off to Fred Detheridge. The host forgot to provide a plate.

During the Navy Birthday Celebration program, Joe Novak of New Jersey addresses the audience and explains the details of the Navy’s birth at Machias, Maine, in 1775.

After the Navy Birthday Celebration dinner, President Kent Beach addresses the crowd and welcomes guests.

SERC walking tour, lead by President & CEO, Mike Soukup, about to begin.

Prior to the start of the walking tour he lead Saturday afternoon, Mike Soukup gives a brief overview of the changes made to the facilities since the Navy’s departure in 2002.

Nancy Dougherty of Massachusetts takes a break in front of Schooner Commons just before the walking tour of SERC Saturday afternoon.

SERC Director of Operations, Michelle Bierman, explains some of the new features of Schooner Commons to Ed Carey while head chef, Jordan, inspects a bottle of liqueur in the hospitality room. All the meals at Schooner Commons were deliciously prepared.

General Deane chats with John Ivacic (L) and Joe Novak, both of New Jersey.

General and Mrs. Deane chat with
Ed and Barbara Brown.

General Deane introduces himself to Neil Buffett.

Mini Reunion host, Larry Peterson, escorts guests of honor, General and Mrs. John R. Deane, Jr., into the hospitality room and introduces them to the crowd.

MaryAnn Hogan and Art Gowie in the Registration area of Schooner Commons.

Suzie Gowie and Phyllis Peterson, both from Maine.

Dan Bierman of Sorrento, Maine. After retiring from the Navy, Dan was the Housing Officer at NSGA Winter Harbor for 20 years.

Members in a happy mood at Saturday’s business meeting.

Front two tables, L-R: Ray McManus, Ed Brown, John Hogan and Tom Christie.

Art Gowie, Secretary-Treasurer, and Kent Beach, President, moving the agenda forward during Saturday’s business meeting.

Everyone is all ears.

Lincoln Grimm, a new member from New York, gets settled for at the dinner table at Schoodic Commons on Friday evening, 12 October.

L-R: Tom and Carol Christie of Maine reunite with Tom’s old tennis doubles partner (from their Winter Harbor days), Frank Martin, and his wife Elaine, from North Carolina.

Ray & Carol McManus, of Massachusetts, set trays on Friday evening’s dinner table at Schooner Commons.

Dorothy & Ed Carey

John Hogan giving MaryAnn a big grin.

Our new members from New Jersey fit right in with our group and added a lot of humor to our weekend. We appreciate their friendly contribution to a successful mini reunion. They are L-R: John & Pinky Ivacic, Bob & Ann Marie Pohlman and Melodie & Joe Novak.

Ron Boyd (L) and Jeff Alley, two of our newest members in deep discussion at dinner Friday evening.

L-R: Ann Keller, Nancy & Jim Dougherty, Carmine De-Biasio and Ed & Barbara Brown converse after their meal at Schooner Commons.

Ed & Barbara Brown - NH

A member of the Schooner kitchen staff escorts George Keller, of New York, as he carries a bowl of coffee creamers to the meeting room Saturday morning.

Joe & Melodie Novak - New Jersey

Carmine De-Biasio (RI) hamming with Ann Marie Pohlman and Pinky Ivacic, both of NJ.

Phyllis Peterson

General John R. Deane, Jr., U.S. Army (Retired) visits with Bob and Ann Marie Pohlman during Saturday evening’s cocktail hour.

George Keller conversing with General Deane, while Ed Carey and Lincoln Grimm look on.

Walter Green, from Massachusetts. Fred Detheridge of Maine looks on the background.

Art and Suzie Gowie, Maine.

Everyone is from Maine at this table.

General and Mrs. John R. Deane, Jr., U.S. Army (Retired), residents of Gouldsboro, Maine, were the guests of honor at the NCVA-NE Navy Birthday Celebration. This was the General’s first attendance at such a Navy event, and he was most impressed with the entire ceremony.

Bob and Linda Bostinto (upper left) traveled several hundred miles from from New York to attend the NCVA-NE fall Mini Reunion, while Alfreda Bacon (lower right) traveled about 4 miles – from Winter Harbor!

Bob and Linda Bostinto, New York.

L-R: Lincoln Grimm (NY), Walt Green (MA) and Alan Coutinho & Deb Coutinho (MA).

Neil Buffett (L) and his wife Jan attended the Navy Birthday Celebration as special guests of the hosts, Larry & Phyllis Peterson. Neil and Jan are from Winter Harbor. Neil was stationed at NAVRADSTA Winter Harbor from 1953-1955. In this photo, he chats with Jim Burks, of Ellsworth, who was stationed at the base in 1947.

Jim Smith (Left) explains to the crowd how he discovered NCVA-NE online and decided to join and attend because of the fall Mini Reunion being held at Winter Harbor. He and friend, Terri Stephens (lower left), traveled the longest distance to attend the weekend event – from Minnesota!

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