Graphic courtesy of Rick Kerr

TO: NCVA-NE members and all interested parties
FM: Dick Carlson

A letter has been received by Dave Phaneuf from his friend, and forwarded to me for review and approval. I have reviewed it and it seems very much in order. (For a copy of this file right click on this link: USS LIBERTY.doc and use the "Save target as" or "Save link as" option to save to your computer).

I am asking, if you feel led to do so, that you complete the letter with your Congressman's name, date, and your name, and forward by snail mail to your Congressman before Memorial Day to ensure that they receive it before June 8, 2009, 10 days before the anniversary of the Attack on the USS Liberty (June 8, 1967).

The letter asks for a new Court of Inquiry (and) that it be entered into the Congressional Record on June 8th, "USS LIBERTY Remembrance Day".

Thanks for your valued support.

Dick Carlson
USS Liberty Survivor

  • New Photos of USS Liberty
    By Dick Carlson
    Photos taken inside the classified spaces of the USS LIBERTY following the attack by Israeli Defense Forces Aircraft on June 8, 1967 in the Eastern Med. The ship, under its own power, sailed to Malta, where in dry dock the bodies were retrieved. Pictures with bays of receivers may be the "R" branch spaces on the port side of the ship. (The torpedo hit the Comm and Processing and Reporting spaces on the starboard side of the ship). The ship listed to the starboard, which may account for the overhead lights and air ducts in some of the pictures being free of oil residue, since those spaces were on the port side. My office of Processing and Reporting is obliterated, as well as Comm spaces. An experience most of us will never forget.

    New pictures (1st 6) have surfaced after 40+ years.
    These were taken from the cruiser USS LITTLE ROCK, and smuggled off ship before films were confiscated.

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