• North Conway, NH Spring Reunion 2012
    by Suzie Gowie
    Hi All,

    The Auxiliary decided to bring items to send to the female military personnel in Afghanistan via the USO.

    Here is a list of items they accept for donation:

    • Bobby Pins
    • Hair Elastics - especially black
    • Candy - Skittle, Starbursts, Sweet Tarts, Worthers hard candy etc.
    • Cookies - especially Oreos
    • Hand and body lotion
    • Razors
    • Body wash
    • Shampoo
    • Dried fruit
    • Current Best Seller books
    • Coffee
    • Dry coffee creamer
    • Microwave popcorn
    • Baby wipes
    • Toothbrushes / toothpaste
    • Facial cleaning clothes

    Bring your items with you and there will be a collection site for us at the hotel.

    Thanks you in advance,
    Suzie Gowie- NCVA-NE Auxiliary Coordinator

  • Glens Falls Fall Reunion 2011
    by Suzie Gowie
    Hi All,

    I apologize if I have missed anyone with email information. I do not have a complete list of emails for the Auxiliary. We will try to fix this at our meeting.

    Vic and Anita Knorowski are our hosts for the Fall 2011 mini-reunion at the Queensbury Hotel in Glens Falls, NY.

    The auxiliary member hosting selects the charity we will be donating to during our weekend. Anita has chosen the SPCA of Upstate New York:

    Here is a list of items they accept for donation:

      • Bleach
      • Laundry Detergent
      • Paper Towels
      • Sheets, Blankets, Towels - new or clean used
      • Newspapers - black and white print only - no color inserts.
    • Cleaning supplies:
      • dish soap
      • hand soap
      • floor cleaner
      • spray cleaner
      • mops
      • brooms
      • dusters
      • sponges
      • rags(clean)
      • scrub brushes
    • Pet supplies:
      • litter boxes
      • cat litter litter scoops
      • food dishes
      • pet toys
      • dog and cat beds
      • carriers for both cats and dogs
      • pet crates
      • pet vitamins
      • dewormer
      • flea and tick preventative
    • Pet grooming:
      • brushes, shampoo, pet deoderant
    • Office Supplies:
      • fax paper
      • printer
      • computer
      • computer accessories
      • stationary
      • copy paper
      • pens
      • stapler
      • rubber bands
      • paper clips
      • envelopes
      • manila folders
    • Small animal supplies: [i.e. snakes, hamsters, rabbits, turtles, birds]
      • cages
      • aquariums
      • food
      • toys
    • *** the only food they accept is Purina Dry food
      • Puppy Chow
      • Purina Dog Chow
      • Purina Kitten Chow

    Bring your items with you and Anita will have a collection site for us at the hotel. The SPCA people will come pick up the donations at the end of the reunion.

    Thanks you in advance,
    Suzie Gowie- NCVA-NE Auxiliary Coordinator

    Update: 15 October 2011 - The Auxiliary meeting at the Queensbury Hotel was well attended.
    The 23 attendees were:

    Suzie Gowie, NCVA-NEA Coordinator
    Deborah Couthino, NCVA-NEA Scribe

    Pat Anderson Trudy Marois
    Janet Beach Carole McDermott
    Rita Bonyeau Barbara McGowan
    Dorothy Carey Nora McGrath
    Carol Christie Carol McManus
    Nancy Dougherty Dorothy Pappas
    Norma Hahn Phyllis Peterson
    Mary Ann Hogan Neta Phaneuf
    Anita Knorowski Barbara Rowe
    Anna Kristiansen Ree Sirmons
    Maryanne Larkin

    Deborah Coutinho has taken over the duties of Scribe for the NCVA-NEA, after the passing of Barbara St. Onge.

  • Sebasco Reunion
    by Suzie Gowie
    Hi All,

    I know this is late - we have been moving from Brooks to Bangor- I just wanted to remind everyone about bringing non-perishable food goods to the mini reunion at Sebasco Resort. The food we collect will go to the Bath Food Bank.

    To the Auxiliary:
    Saturday morning meeting - 9a.m.
    Place to be announced.
    Topic: Best and worst duty stations.
    Bring ideas for future meeting activities.

    May your Memorial Day be filled with sweet memories of those who served.

    See you next weekend,
    Suzie Gowie, NCVA-NEA Coordinator

  • NCVA-NE Auxiliary
    by Suzie Gowie
    The NCVA-NE Spring Reunion 2010 held in South Portland, ME, witnessed the birth of an Auxiliary.

    Suzie Gowie, spouse of Art Gowie, CTOCS (USN Ret) invited the spouses to an informal gathering to discuss the organization of an Auxiliary. It was unanimously decided to form an Auxiliary whose purpose will be to support the Chapter through activities that will support the local communities where the reunions are held.

    The Auxiliary's first official meeting will take place at the fall reunion in Rhode Island, where they will elect officers and be officially commissioned by the NCVA-NE Chapter.

    The newly formed Auxiliary first thanked Barbara St. Onge for all her hard work, especially for putting together the Penny Sale at the 2007 NCVA national reunion, then went on to discuss and vote on the disbursement of the monies raised. After making a list of organizations the group would like to support, the decision was made to donate $300 to each the following organizations:

    The meeting concluded with the idea of dues being to bring items for the local food pantries wherever the reunions are held.

    Suzie would like to thank all the spouses who supported this initial meeting to organize the NCVA-NE Auxiliary.