Holiday Menus from Years Gone By

Naval Training Center - Great Lakes, IL - Christmas 1969 - Al Lucier

NSGA Bremerhaven, Germany - Christmas 1968 - Karl Kristiansen

NSGA Bremerhaven, Germany - Thanksgiving 1968 - Karl Kristiansen

Holiday Menus from Dick Carlson

Thanksgiving Day Menu for 1955


Here is a menu from NAVCOMMFAC in Japan The stations making up NAVCOMMFAC were ATSUGI, KAMESEYA, TOTSUKA, YOKOHAMA, YOKOSUKA, YOSAMI. This menu is Christmas 1955, and I was out TAD on the USS BENNINGTON CVA-20 at the time. I've included the names of the crew on the TAD mission.

USS Bennington - Thanksgiving 1956

NAVCOMMFAC Yokosuka, Japan 1956

NAVCOMMFAC Yokosuka, Japan 1956

SOBE, OKINAWA - Christmas 1957
A joint service listening post made up of mostly Army, some Marines and US Navy

Dakar, Senegal, Africa - Aboard USS Liberty - Thanksgiving 1966

Abidjan, Ivory Coast, Africa - Aboard USS Liberty - Christmas 1966

Thanksgiving - Winter Harbor 1969 - Winter Harbor Acadian

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