Underway Refueling - Feb 1966

These are pictures of the Mansfield refueling somewhere between Hawaii and Long Beach, CA. on our way back from WestPac. It was at the tail end of a bad storm and we had an "emergency break away". We usually refueled on our port side, but on this occasion we refueled on our starboard side. Hope it brings back memories to some of you. Coming alongside
Coming alongside the oiler.
Highlining the fuel lines
Highlining the fuel lines.
Things get rough
Things start to get rough.
We drift apart
We drift apart.
And get close again
And get real close again.
We start to break away
We start to break away
There she goes
There she goes!
Break away forward
Break away forward
In the drink
In the drink.
Haul back to the oiler
Haul back to the oiler.
Off into the sunset
Off into the sunset.


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