Photos courtesy of CTR3 Dustin Fuller
NSGA Bremerhaven 1965-67


This is Tom Freeberg in 1966. I had a 1953 Opal Olympia Record car. Joe Spiegler, Tom Freeberg and another I can't remember went to tour where a concentration camp was named Bergen-Belson. This was about 65 miles from Bremerhaven. When we left the Autobahn, we came upon this British-American cemetary dedicated to the airmen that were shot down in WWII. All of the grave markers said, "Known but to God."

On the right is Bobby Dobbs. On the left I forget the guy's name.

This is Jack Shields form Yonkers, New York.

Members of Bravo section. (ID's ?)

Fun at Sleazy's - Bravo section


Gary Baughn. He was my roomie.

Don Britton. He and I toured Europe together for two weeks.

This is Joe Spiegler in October 1966 at the wharf in Bremerhaven. Joe and I went on a trip to England and Scotland for 2 weeks.

The guy looking at the camera is Walt. I forget his last name. Maybe someone can get his last name. We went to Copenhagen one weekend in June of 1967. He was a secretary in the AdMin building to the captain.

L to R: Don Britton, Dustin Fuller, Joe Spiegler - Bravo section 1966 in Hanover, Germany. We stayed overnight in Hanover after we oured the concentration camp at Bergen-Belson where 30,000 people died during WWII.

I believe this is Bobby Dobbs (I think he was from Missouri) number 23.

These were the favorites of Bravo and Delta section that I was in. I'm sure glad I don't drink now.

This is a picture of Dustin Fuller ready to play Marine. I was transferred to Delta section in the summer of 1967. All of the Navy guys were trained by the Marine detachment to go to the rifle range between Bremerhaven and Bremen to qualify with the M1 rifle. After the time of the firing range, Delta section was chosen to go on manuvers with the Marines. We went for 3 days. We shot 45 cal pistol, 45 cal grease guns, dug fox holes and played war one night. Then the next day we learned how to assault a hill into enemy fire. I believe if the marines were firing real bullets instead of blanks, most of the navy guys would have been dead.

Bravo Section Team

This poster was drawn by a real cool artist in Bravo section. I think his name was Host or Habel. This was 1966. This team if I remember correctly was the champs. I was nicknamed "Abbie". Paul Provost, who was a fantastic fast pitch-pitcher, gave me the nick name of Abraham Garfunkle. In the wee hours of our midnight shifts we would sometimes pretend we were ape men.

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