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Article and Photos courtesy of Dick Carlson

The Maine Maritime Academy ship Bowdoin was tied up behind the USS COAST GUARD CUTTER Tackle.

L-R:BOWDOIN, TACKLE, private boat. Coming in following a river cruise was the cruise boat Patience. As I stood at the railing on the main level, looking across the bay to Fort Knox, I glanced down and stared at the water, glistening from the afternoon sun, and was transported back to days at the rail on the LIBERTY off the coast of AFRICA. For a moment, I felt sick. Bad vibes.

We thanked Ensign Dominguez, who walked us off the ship. The OOD thanked us for being aboard, and the security guards wearing the new blue Navy Working Uniforms (NWU) helped us up to the gangway. There were more groups of people waiting for the tours. Tours continued on Sunday until 1630. The ship left on Monday August 1st. Harbor Cruise PATIENCE (left) and USS JOHN L. HALL (right)

Before returning home, I opted to saunter through the kiosks filled with people looking, buying and browsing. The food courts were many. Filled with artery busting goodies contained a rolling wagon heralding me to its window. It was frying up onions, green peppers and Italian Sausages. YUM! Hadn’t had one of those in over 30 years. I knew it was bad for me, but I gave in. Even took a photo of the lady frying up the high fatty, artery busting, and cholesterol ravaging sausages. As I sat on a bench overlooking the harbor and all of the floating activity, munching on my Italian Dog, after 4 bites I knew I had made a mistake. I would suffer later in the evening. (Surprisingly enough, I did NOT!)


Maine Maritime Academy vessel.



The BOWDOIN, Patience, and USS JOHN L. HALL. (Right Photo)

US COAST GUARD ‘TACKLE’. Others taking the tour on the TACKLE


Bucksport marina.

It was time to get back to the Mercury. A long walk through the kiosks, baking under the afternoon sun, then up hill to the main street, and again, up hill to the parking lot. Once I got into the car and turned on the a/c, I was more alert. Leaving the lot, I was nearly broadsided by a distracted driver!

The drive home included a stop at river level to photograph the Frigate dockside, along with the Tackle and Bowdoin.



Bowdoin · Tackle

I noticed that the white dress uniforms for enlisted did not include the short semi-dress shirts. The liberty uniform was long sleeve jumper. The sailors looked sharp!

I recalled my sailing days on Navy ships when in rough seas, while walking down the inside passageways holding my Navy cup of coffee and trying not to spill any.

A great day for memories.
Dick Carlson

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