NSGA Bremerhaven, Germany
Naval Security Group Activity

U.S. Navy 913

by SN 1/C (SK) John W. Krebs

U.S. Navy 913

John Krebs
I was stationed at the Marine School in Bremerhaven from 24 December 1946 - 10 June 1948. It was called U.S. Navy 913. I was a Commissary Storekeeper (SN 1/C). I landed in Bremerhaven on my 18th birthday. It was just after the war had ended.

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Dock Pass
Dock Pass
Teaching Ships
German teaching ships. Three masted ship in the background.
Holidays 1947
Some of our Jeeps. Notice the hard tops. The SeaBees had them first.
Landing Craft
Some of the landing craft Hitler was going to use to attack England. We were sinking them in the North Sea along with 500-lb bombs and torpedos.
Rear of the Commissary Bldg. where the portable refridgerators were.
Admin. Bldg.
Administration Building
Army Section
Entrance to the Army section of the compound. The 382 M.P. and the 4002 & 4007 Trucking Company, informally known as the "4-double-0 Duce and the 4-double-0 natural mother-f...ing companies".
Navy Main Gate
The Main Gate for the Navy.
Barracks for enlisted men.
More barracks with the Commissary in between.
This was the Commissary Bldg. 3rd floor was the Galley; 2nd floor the Mess Hall; 1st floor the CPO mess on the left and Ship's Store on the right. Basement was the Commissary storeroom where I worked.
Going Home
Me, waiting to go home after 20 months away and only 20 years old.

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